The Warwood has an extremely violent past. A century ago, the forces of Sir Malagant and the abomination army of The Sleeper met in the Warwood. In order to prevent the destruction of their own armies, Sir Malagant and The Sleeper agreed to meet in single combat, to the death. In an unfortunate turn of events, Sir Malagant’s blade dealt a mortal blow to the torso of The Sleeper, while The Sleeper great hammer crushed the side of the paladin’s head. With the simultaneous death of both the leaders, their armies fell into a state of confusion, with numerous minor skirmishes occurring between each side. Eventually, however, both armies dissolved.

This deadly series of events left the region containing the Warwood a cursed place infamous for its restless dead. A monastery of The Raven Queen was built on the southern edge of the Warwood with the mission of giving the undead a final and peaceful rest. At the same time, the mortal followers of the Sleeper construct their own complex, named the Tomb of Dreams to house the remains of The Sleeper and to continue his efforts to bring untold Far Realm horrors into our mortal world.

Recently, the followers of The Raven Queen, led by Sister Naenia, started a pilgrimage to bring the body of Sir Malagant to the hilltop upon which he met his fated end at the hands of The Sleeper. Their hope was to finally lift the curse from the Warwood once and for all, using Sir Malagant’s remains as the focus for their ritual. They did not get to their destination, however, as they were set upon by cultists of The Sleeper under the guise of bandits and led by Volkanth.

The party rescued the pilgrimage from complete destruction, however, Volkanth succeeded in stealing Sir Malagant’s effigy. The party set out after Volkanth and eventually interrupting his nefarious plan to use the remains of Sir Malagant and his relics to bring The Sleeper back to life. Upon killing Volkanth and returning Sir Malagant’s body to Sister Naenia upon the hilltop, the priests of The Raven Queen finally were able to perform their ritual thus cleansing the Warwood of its century-long curse.

The newly-cleansed Warwood is now one of two safe passages through the northern range of the King’s Wall mountains.

  • Occupies a valley in the middle of the northern range of the King’s Wall mountains.
  • Directly north of the region known as Elkridge
  • Directly south of the region known as Dargunn
  • A valuable trade route between Dargunn and the southern valley housing Elkridge and Hamlet


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