Monastery of Sundered Chains

“Constructed centuries ago to house an elite fighting force of Moradin dedicates, the Monastery of the Sundered Chain preserves the memories of the hardships endured at the hands of the orcs, and it trains initiates in fighting arts useful for battling these foes. For generations, the monastery has stood as a symbol of dwarven perseverance and expertise in the fighting arts and one who trains there not only receives an excellent education in religion and combat, but also gains a mark of pride and honor.”

That story is the normal tale of the Monastery of Sundered Chains, though its purpose is far more grave than a simple dwarven training center. After driving the Onyx Drake Clan back to their home mountain centuries ago, the dwarves built two structures protecting the only two passageways leading to and from the Onyx Drake Clan’s mountain. One of these was the Monastery and the other is the now-permanently-sealed Vents.

The Stone Guard was the group of dwarves who protected the Monastery’s dark secret and made sure the orcs stayed in their holes. Recently, the Monastery was invaded by a surprise force of orcs and orc/dragon hybrids known as Dragonkin. The Stone Guard was all but destroyed. The leader of the Stone Guard, the dwarf paladin Kalad managed to sneak behind the initial assault of the orc clan and collapse the tunnel that the Monastery was built to guard, sealing off the rest of the orcs and forcing them to find another exit from their mountain.

After accomplishing his heroic feat, Kalad was captured by the orcs and dragonkin. They tortured him to try and force him to open the tunnel again, but it was impossible. It was at this point in time that the party had made their way through the orcs and dragonkin infesting the Monastery to discover Kalad and his captors. Upon defeating the orcs, the party rescued Kalad who set about the seemingly impossible task of putting the Monastery back together again while the party moved to intercept the inevitable assault of the orc clan upon the Vents.

In a climactic battle within the heart of the dwarven-constructed Vents, the party managed to activate the massive machine known as the Nexus that sealed the sole remaining passageway to the orc’s mountain home with massive blocks of stone and boiling hot water. With this feat, the party succeeded in sealing the orcs into their mountain homes for the foreseeable future.

  • Resides in the eastern range of the King’s Wall mountains
  • East of Hamlet

Monastery of Sundered Chains

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